Message Marketing


Right Now Your Next Sale Might Be Holding!

Image Is Everything…
Music and messages on hold dramatically affects how your customers perceive your business. Professionally produced messages add credibility to any size business. Every time you press the hold button you put your relationship with your customer on the line. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or just want to sound like one let QUALITY SOUND help your image.

Are Your Customers Happy On Hold?
It all depends on what they hear. Are they bored with the silence or wondering if they were disconnected? Did you put them to sleep with elevator music or even worse did you offend them with morning radio content? Maybe they are listening to your competitors ad on the radio while holding!

Easy To Use Technology…
With our Messager USB™ and DMX Music® products every business regardless of size can present a professional image on hold. We offer a wide selection of affordable message and music on hold products. Our product selections start with preloaded generic message announcers to MP3 based custom announcers that can rotate messages by the time of day and the day of week.

Marketing 101…
Smart business owners realize they need to market their product or services every chance they get. Time spent on hold can be free advertising for your business (find out how to do it on Student Share ). When are you likely to find a more interested customer in your products then the one holding on your phone? Adding custom messages on hold will not only decreases hang-ups but it will give you the opportunity to educate your customers about your product or services with targeted messages to a captive audience. On hold messages are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to businesses.


Closed Circuit TV

CCTV Systems are a valuable tool to protect not only you and your business, but also your customers and employees.


PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMERS – Let them know that the property does have video recording. Not only does this deter crime, but can be what is needed to catch the criminal that still does try something.

PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES – The presence of cameras is a great deterrent to crime. We have all seen the video footage of robbers caught on CCTV, the robbers have seen it too! They know that it works.



PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS – Whether it is from a con artist trying to do a “slip and fall” scam, an unscrupulous employee, or the street criminals, CCTV deters the crime and can be a wonderful aid in the prosecution of those that may still want to try.


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