Drive-thru Intercom Systems



Say hello to the 3M Drive-Thru Headset G5 …





The G5 is the first wireless headset on the market to allow users to perform in-restaurant self-service and repairs. And it was inspired by listening to you, our customer. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Tested in 40 locations and in 6 countries.
  2. Customers asked for a headset that looks like a headset so it won’t be thrown away or confused with a music device.
  3. Customers are most interested in “Total Cost of Ownership”, not just the upfront purchase price.
  4. A few “Total Cost of Ownership” benefits. The G5 can easily be repaired in the field. No more shipping in and out for repair. It also interfaces with the XT1 base station. No additional base station cost and you can add one new headset at a time as needed.
  5. The G5 uses Smart Battery technology so you know exactly the amount of charge left on the headset. Batteries have a 700-750 charge cycle with a life of about two years.


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