Technical Help

Registering Headsets XT-1 / G5

  1. Log into base station (press & hold Mode – Key, 1,2,3.4, Release-key)
  2. Select 04 Registration > 1 Add New Headset
  3. Power on the headset when prompted
  4. Wait up to two minutes for [Headset XXXXXX has been registered] to appear at the bottom of the display.
  5. Repeat step 3 for additional headsets
  6. Press Mode when finished

Registering Headsets Model C1060

  1. Turn base station on. One of the red channel indicators (1-8) will light indicating the selected channel
  2. With headset turned OFF, swing microphone back, and insert headset into programming station with its programming window facing toward programming cable jacks (see Figure 1)
  3. While the headset is in the programming station, turn it ON. The indicator LED flashes indicating that the programming is complete. Headset is now programmed to the same channel as base station.

Time Changes Day light Savings

  1. Log into base station (press & Hold Mode key, 1234, release mode key)
  2. At the USER-MODE ID = 1 prompt: Mode 3 times to get to the SYSTEM MENU
  3. Curser down to #6 Set Time & DATE option
  4. Press ENTER and then DOWN on hour
  5. Press ENTER again to lock in the change
  6. Press MODE 3 times to revert to the main screen

Rebooting Base Station

Perform the following procedure to cleanly power down, then power up without unplugging the system

  1. Enter the configuration mode
  2. Select 17 Reboot System
  3. Change the value of power cycle complete system to YES
  4. Press Service

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