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Common satellite signal issues

  1. Weather - Players may lose signal due to weather.  This could occur during/after heavy rain, severe weather, or snow/ice storms.  The weather of this effect can cause the dish to become unaligned causing playback issues.  However, not all storms and rain will move the dish.  Some storms and heavy rain can just temporarily disrupt playback, due to signal blockage.

  2. Interference - Interferences are a big factor in dish communications.  Trees, bushes, wildlife, and other objects can all cause signal interference.  If the dish is near a military communications facility, this can also disrupt the signal.

  3. Third-party interference - Roofing companies, remodeling agencies, and construction companies may have moved our dish or knocked the dish out of alignment.  They also could have possibly cut the coax cable that runs from the dish to the player, while working.

  4. Bills - Players can be deactivated due to payments not being up-to-date.  Ensure sure your bills are paid.

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